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Is it really over? Can it ever begin? How do they feel about you? Are you wasting your time? Is this person  the one?

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Chris you helped me to get my ex back through a combination of really good advice, psychic predictions, mind reading and some really incredible metaphysical "Energy Work" and "Karma Work". I am a believer. I feel like not only did I get my ex back, by following what you had done for me, but I also broke a lifelong cycle once and for all.  - CLICK HERE TO READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

Psychic Healing is possible and there are many ways to bring this about besides traditional love spells.  
Why is this?
Because every problem, even a deep emotional scar, has a metaphysical component to it. 

 What does this mean? It means that all of the talk therapy in the world can only reach so far into your psyche. When the soul longs to be healed, there is only so much that clinical psychology, meds, or just waiting for time to pass by can do. This is what I told the Wall Street Journal.

A psychic wound requires healing. And it will stay with you until you deal with it.  Psychic wounds are so often what hold us back. A psychic wound is very often what can keep you stuck in a repeating cycle in your life. Often this repeating cycle goes on for years, even decades. And it’s all too common that one or both of your parents also had the same or similar psychic wound as well. But you can break the chain.  

You can stop the cycle. You can heal.

Some people heal on their own, although is this rather rare. Healing of the soul requires that we ask for help. For so many of us, asking for help is the hardest thing to do, especially when the wound runs deep.

We want to protect the wound. Like an injured animal, we may snap at anyone who dares try to help us. Sometimes we might even punish those who love us enough to care. And yet, paradoxically, one wishes so badly for the wound to simply go away.

In all of my years of doing what I do, I have noticed that when a person is ready, and I mean really ready, the healing can begin. And I have other good news for you.  It’s never as hard as you thought it was going to be. I have had so many clients, over the years, tell me that they wished they hadn’t put off this process for so long.

If you are reading these words right now, and this message speaks to you, please start by requesting a FREE Psychic Evaluation.  And if you're an existing client, you know how to reach me. If I can help you I will. I have helped many, many people to transform and to overcome the obstacles, both outer and inner, which had held them back – obstacles which no longer exist.

Psychic healing is a journey and an adventure. But most of all it’s a relief. If you’re happy being stuck, don’t let me ruin that for you. But if you are at a point in your life where you are ready to open locked doors, leave the hurt behind and start to feel a sense of fulfillment like you have never dreamed possible, then it’s time to get to work. I look forward to hearing from you, and you should thank yourself for taking the time to read this.

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Is the World Healing or Getting Worse?

People who talk cynically about how the world is going to hell in a hand-basket fail to realize that violence overall is down. 

Standards of living are increasing. 

Here in America our poor live better than wealthy people lived a hundred or so years ago. More people have indoor plumbing, microwaves, cell phones and are afforded a free education than ever before. 

​Is there room for improvement? Big time, absolutely. But is America in it’s final days? Absolutely not. 

Is the world spinning out of control? I would say that we are going through some growing pains, but collectively evolving nonetheless. Things are getting better gradually. And this is especially self evident if you pull back a bit and look at the big picture.

One of the methods I have found useful, for maintaining perspective and not getting caught up in the media-driven lies we are told about the world we live in, is to meditate at least twice a day, for 20 minutes. This is a hard discipline to develop and maintain – but not nearly as hard as not meditating. And this sharply improves your intuition

If you’re a healer, you cannot transmit something you do not have. You must be grounded. You must find your center. You must be able to feel the pain and anxiety of others, but without becoming captured by it.

There is something greater than us, a Higher Power that some call “God”. It is self evident to me that there is something greater and that I am a part of it. It is not separate from me. I know that it is intelligent because we are intelligent and we came from it. I also know that it is more intelligent than me. All of my abilities and spiritual gifts come from God.

If you are a healer, it means that for reasons perhaps beyond our comprehension, you have been afforded certain gifts. Some people believe that those gifts should be used to enrich themselves. Others believe such gifts should only be used for the betterment of society. My feeling is that a more balanced view is that both ideas have a ring of truth to them. Your ability to heal others can be used to keep a roof over your head and can also be your contribution to the world. It does not have to come down to and either/or scenario.

The gift of healing does not come from you, but it does move through you. You are the vessel and God is the Source. Part of your responsibility in being that vessel is to take care of that vessel. 

It is not your job or mine to save the world. The world will save itself if that is what the world decides to do. Your role and mine, is to be true to that which we are. If you are a healer, be the best healer you can be. Do not rope off a part of your life and say, “this is the spiritual part of my life”. Rather, let all of your life be the spiritual part of your life. Let all of your life be a prayer. Let everyone you touch be the recipient of that Divine healing energy which moves through you – when you let it.

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There is only one thing you must do right in this life. If you fail, I promise you will be unhappy. And if you succeed, I promise your life will be fulfilling.

All you need to do is truly, deeply, honestly and authentically love somebody.

Love them with all of your heart and love them whether they deserve it or not.

Whatever you have lost in this life, if your innocence has turned to cynicism, if your hope has turned into a broken heart, you will get it all back. All you have to do is love and love foolishly and recklessly, love like there is no tomorrow. 

Love as if there is no shortage of love to give away. Because the truth is, you have not run out. The well never runs dry. Love is a force which animates those who are alive as it is love that is the life force.

If you’re stuck and in a rut, find someone to love. If you find you hate yourself, find someone to love. If the world has let you down, find someone to love. If you feel that everything has been taken from you, find someone to love. The meaning of the word “grace” is an undeserved gift. Be graceful and be gracious. If you find someone to love who does not deserve your love, you have met your guru.

A “guru” is simply a dispeller of darkness. If you are tired of being alone in the dark, find somebody to love. Love is your true nature. Love is your beautiful nature.

Life is a short term deal. Live it while you can, flaws and all. Live it with your heart open wide, even in those moments where you can feel the sadness of the whole world and it feels like your heart will break wide open. Let it break. No one gets out of here without a broken heart. And when it is time to fix that broken heart, I will help you.

We take the highs with the lows or not at all. Why sleepwalk through this life? Why live like the dead when to do so is not living at all? You only have one thing to do in this world, to get right with yourself, to get right with God, to get right with the world and that is to love without shame. The love you end up giving yourself and the love the world gives you will be immeasurable, although loving is its own reward.

Your beautiful nature is all you ever had to offer. And you take it back by giving it away. Love foolishly, because only a fool for love knows what it means to love at all.


Trusting Your Intuition

Many of us can look back at a time in our life when we were carried away by magical thinking. And in retrospect we seem foolish. However, resigning ourselves to cynical skepticism, exercising only logic and reason can be rather bleak. What this leaves is faith. And faith is can be, for some people, very difficult.

Blind faith truly is foolish. But faith based on intuition is a different matter. There are times when we feel something, something we feel powerfully, but cannot connect this feeling to logic. And yet we feel something. This is your intuition. And what is psychic awareness but heightened intuition? When you have such a strong intuitive feeling, you can either dismiss it, because it makes no logical sense, or you can trust it. This is what it means to have faith in your own intuition.

​A funny thing about intuition, the more you listen to it the more it talks to you. This is why a professional psychic tends to get better and more accurate over time. One builds a relationship with their own intuition. But this really does require faith. Logic and spirituality are just not made of the same stuff. You will rarely be able to reconcile logic with spirituality.

Energy Work, spiritual healing, this requires faith. You must have faith in your own intuition, faith in the Healer and faith in God. Letting go of the tight grip that logic has on your thought process does not come easy. But like everything else, practice is the key.

Over time, the more we listen to our intuition, the more we have faith in what it is telling us and faith that God is speaking to us in ways the rational mind will never understand, the more we invest in that relationship with the mystery, the more it gives us back.

If you feel I can help you, with a pressing relationship problem, start by getting a free psychic evaluation and let's take it from there. I look forward to being able to help you find your inner voice and to find love in your heart that lasts.​


"I don't see how you could get any better than permanent results"

From as far back as I can remember I have had an interest in consciousness - who and what we are.  I found, as I got older, that more and more coincidences were happening in my life.  When I met people for the first time, I often knew things about them before they had told me.  By the time I had reached my teenage years, I started talking to other people about this and that is when it was confirmed that I was having psychic premonitions.  However, all of this was sort of random, and I was very much interested in understanding how I could make this happen more.  Was it possible to become more psychically aware?  And that is when I went out looking for answers.

I didn't find any books about psychics at that time to be very useful.  But I did start to look into Eastern Thought.  And I became very interested in the idea of time being circular and not linear.  I studied ancient writings about how the past, present and future were all a part of the same landscape.  The more I looked into this, the more I began to see patterns all around me, clues, a system, or something of a Divine Matrix.  

This lead me to meditation.  As I developed a meditation practice, and learned how to quiet my mind, I found I was more able to access my God given gift of Clairvoyance.  The more I gained a mastery over all of that chatter inside of my head - the chatter we all experience so much of the time - the more I was able to distinguish which voices were just my conditioning and biases and which voice was my intuition.  And I learned to listen to my intuition.  And as I did, my psychic ability grew stronger and stronger. In time my own psychic abilities and experiences became part of my deeply held religious convictions of non-duality, also known as Advaita Vedanta.

Once it was confirmed, to my satisfaction, that this psychic awareness was not just random, or something I had just merely convinced myself of, I started giving psychic readings to others.  And it was around this time that it became sort of undeniable that I was a psychic.  Not only was I accurately predicting the future, but I was able to help other people in doing so.  And it became clear that this was to be my calling in life.

Over the years, I have continued to fascinated with how this works.  I have never stopped studying or working to perfect my craft.  I have sought out teachers and mentors and learned how to refine what was given to me at birth.  After giving literally thousands of accurate psychic readings, I set out to expand the scope of what I do.

Today I offer Psychic Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Support, Psychic Healing and Energy Work.  My client base has reached around the entire globe.  And as I continue to get more accurate, to sort of come into my own with this strange and unique gift, I am always looking for new challenges, new ways to use this spiritual ability to help other people, people who are in need of clarity or healing in their lives.

If you feel that I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I want to help you.  That is my purpose in life. And part of that purpose is to help you to fulfill your purpose.  If we have met, it is no accident.  If your intuition is telling you to contact me, I hope you will.  I really look forward to helping you along your spiritual journey, to attract more love, more happiness, less suffering and more meaning into your life, and that you can spread that positive healing energy to everyone you come into contact with.


To know your future is to change your future.

To change your future is to become the author

of your own destiny.

Consider What is Possible

Get Your Ex Back

I can provide psychic help to restore a relationship and use Energy work to heal the love.

Awakening Kundalini

I can elevate the Kundalini energy in you or the one you love, or sometimes both of you, to heal.

Telepathic Seduction

I can use telepathic techniques to provoke desire in the one you love, when they are closed off.

Chakra Balancing

I can open the heart chakra, the third eye chakra or balance all chakras to maximize perception.


So, here is what I do with the information you send me:

Once you fill out the form for a FREE PSYCHIC EVALUATION, if you're interested to know, I will tell you what happens from there...

I have a few apprentice psychics who work under me. They sort through all of the requests. I get dozens of these every day. My psychics separate the ones where they feel that the person needs to move on, or is obsessed in an unhealthy way, or under age, etc. Then the few that are left are sent to me. I'd say about 90 percent are people who really need to move on, no matter how painful.

So I am sent anywhere from zero to up to maybe 3 viable psychic evaluation requests each day. By "viable" I mean, one of my psychics feels that the person asking for help can actually be helped. The rest get a form letter saying we are unable to help you because this relationship has no future and we recommend you move on. We try to say it nicely.

Of those referred to me, I decide if there is anyone I can help. Sometimes that is no one. Other times, I end up writing really long letters with a breakdown of all the problems I see and what I recommend, in terms of a solution.

If you do get a letter from me, that letter is just for you. I may give you some simple advice. I may recommend we talk. I may advise certain modes of metaphysical healing. I may even refer you to someone, if I feel that a trusted psychic associate is more suited to help you. In any case, usually within about  1 to maybe 3 days, you will hear back from us. It may be good news, it may be bad news, but it will always be our best possible read on your specific situation.


Ranked in the "Top 100 Psychics" Registry

Repair a Broken Heart - Stop a Divorce - Reverse a Breakup - Get Your Ex Back

More About Psychic Christopher Golden

Over the years, Chris has been written about in the Wall Street Journal, who called him the "Psychic to the Stars"

An LA news station declared Chris the "Number 1 Psychic in the Los Angeles area". 

A review site named him "Number One Psychic in Beverly Hills". 

As Chris has many clients in the Entertainment Industry, Playboy Magazine called him the "savior of Hollywood marriages."

Psychic Christopher Golden is listed in the prestigious "Top 100 Psychics".

Take a moment and read the reviews. Psychic Christopher Golden has the qualifications you need, if you are serious about repairing your troubled relationship.

And by the way, Love Spells are not the only game in town. There are methods that are more powerful than any love spell. 

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"I found Chris in a book about psychics. I spoke to him on the phone then ended up working with him on my marriage for a few weeks. I have to say that Psychic Christopher Golden is all of the good things they say about him. My marriage is the cornerstone of my family, which is the most important thing in my life. Chris helped me repair what was broken and live a happier life today."


"I was beginning to think I had completely disconnected from the world of dating and intimacy. Too much disappointment had made me cynical. And then I fell in love with someone online. And then, predictably, there were problems. I wanted to give up but my heart wouldn't let me. I was truly in love and it was special and it was all starting to slip away from me. I spoke to Chris for a long time and I felt like I was finally talking to someone who gets it. He agreed to help me, for a fee of course, but it was worth it. Over the course of a couple of weeks he told me what to do and say to put my new relationship back on track and to break the old cycle I'd been in for years. I am happy now. I am not embarrassed that I used a psychic. Christopher Golden deserves this great review. He earned it. I will always be so grateful to him for making me believe in love again."

- Michael G. / USA 

If Your Love is not Worth Everything, it's Worth Nothing At All...

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