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Is it really over? Can it ever begin? How do they feel about you? Are you wasting your time? Is this person  the one?

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My experience was that I was over come with grief. My heart was broken. There was someone who means everything to me. Somehow I ended up on the website for psychic Christopher Golden. I had nothing to lose and I gave it a shot. He really did what he says he can do. I am so grateful. I don't know how he's able to reunite people like that, but I'm so thankful that he does and he can. I thought maybe my case was a lost cause. No it was not. Chris told me he could do it and then he went and did it. Out of this world. I don't know what else to say.  - CLICK HERE FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS

Most Common FAQs

1 - Is your real name "Psychic Christopher Golden"?

I get asked this often. For reasons too voluminous to go into, I prefer to preserve my privacy. I do not want to be a public person or a semi-public person. I like just being a person in the world. I don't like it when nearly everywhere I go socially, people ask me to predict their future. By being private I can avoid this. And by keeping my work life separate from my life out in the world, this enables me to be more accurate - the reason being that if I didn't do it that way, I'd be exhausted. When I go walking, my neighbors don't ask me for psychic advice, because they don't know I have any to give. So, my professional name is "Psychic Christopher Golden". That is the name I use in my practice. The picture is a licensed stock photo. I should add that experience has shown me that secrecy has great Metaphysical power. In the field of Quantum Physics, there is something called "The Observer Effect". After years of doing spiritual work, I have found that secrecy of many varieties makes Metaphysical work stronger.

2 - How are Psychics able to see the future?

I would say that "Psychic" is sort of a broad term, as there are many kinds of psychics. Some tune into Spirit Guides, some are very skilled at reading Tarot Cards and combining that with their high intuitive process, some feel that Angels are guiding them. I have known a couple of world class psychics who say they have no idea how they do it - and they have been proven to be consistently very accurate. But here's how I do it: Future events are largely determined by the trajectory you are already on. And within your consciousness is sort of this blueprint for that trajectory. So the first thing I do, whether we are talking on the phone, or I'm reading an email you sent me, is to tune into your consciousness. This shows me where you're going. I have an unusual approach, because most people come to me wanting to change their future. So the next step for me is to tune into your Spirit Guides and ask them for help. Your Spirit Guides will direct me and reveal what is meant to be revealed at that time. Then I can tell you where you have been, where you are now, where you are currently heading - and, perhaps most important, how to change the outcome of your future.

3 - Do you use black magic or any kind of dark energy? If I work with you, am I not trusting God? Am I messing with something that can come back on me?

When I work with people, I turn to God first and foremost. I do not deal in black magic or dark energy. These things really do exist and that is why I advise people not to buy spells online. How could you possibly know what you're getting, by simply seeing something attractive, like "Bring My Lover Back to Me" and then hitting the "Add to Cart" button? Now that is dangerous. When I am asked to change a person's future outcome, if that person can be helped, I call upon natural, positive energies - energies that bring us closer to God, not direct us away from God. Specifically, I use Energy Work. I have committed my life to help to end suffering and to bring people closer to fulfillment, happiness and having love in their hearts. And I am blessed to have the privilege to do so.

3 - How do you know that what you are saying is true?

Ultimately one can never be sure. Metaphysics is not an exact science. I have a high intuitive process, or what some might call a psychic ability. When in the course of giving a psychic reading I answer a question, or offer a piece of advice, or make a prediction, it is based on a "psychic hit". To me the term "psychic hit" means that I suddenly feel something very strongly which is a feeling consistent with feelings I have had in the past while making accurate psychic predictions, or giving the correct advise, or recommending the same course of action. Also, meditate frequently to see where a client is at in terms of their chakra balance, karmic balance, past life information and things of this nature. I believe that what is revealed to me in these meditations is true and correct and it is often the basis for services that I recommend. 

4 - Can you use your psychic ability to see your own future?

Nope. And I have never met a psychic who can. There are a lot of theories as to why this is. But to me it's rather obvious. We are too close to the situation. Now, my heightened intuition has helped me to make good decisions about my own life. If those of us who are legitimate psychics could see our own futures, perhaps many of us would go play the lottery. But that's just not how it works. Clearly this is not the reason God gave us our spiritual gifts and abilities. Psychic energy should only be used for the good of all involved and it should never be abused - not to exploit an opportunity out of self interest - and certainly not to exploit other people. Actions have consequences and, any psychic who is using their ability to exploit people will have their own karma to deal with. Sadly, there are a lot of store front Fortune Tellers who do just that. This is part of why I feel it is fair and appropriate for me to offer the one free question, to anyone who is considering using my services.

5 - Are the reviews on your site real?

Yes. And if you are with the Federal Trade Commission, we have every testimonial saved with a record of who wrote it and a receipt for their psychic reading. If you wish to submit a testimonial, please feel free to contact me. I will not use your full name or any blatantly identifying information. 

6 - Do you answer medical questions?

No. There is too much legal liability. See my Terms of Service. You might be surprised at how many first-time emails I receive from people asking me if they are pregnant. Just go to the drug store and get a pregnancy test. I am not a doctor. I can advise you about the spiritual components of a condition, possibly. But I do not diagnose medical conditions. 

7 - What do you think is happening with the world? Are things getting worse?

Things are always getting better and getting worse at the same time, as this is the nature of the world. The 20th Century gave us so many improvements in our lives, too many to list, but we reduced disease and increased education, decreased starvation, improved human rights. But remember, we also had 2 world wars. This world maintains a balance of positive and negative. And if you can align yourself with the positive energies, you will have a happier life, with less suffering and more abundance of love. 

8 - Do you see clients in person, or just online and by phone?

These days I prefer to work just by phone or online.  I like my privacy.  And I enjoy being able to have clients all over the world, rather than just in one geographical area. 

9 - Your disclaimer doesn't say this is all for entertainment purposes only. It says that this is part of your religion. Are you tax exempt?  

I am not running a tax exempt organization. By receiving guidance from me you do not necessarily have to agree with all of my views concerning spirituality, the nature of consciousness or religious matters. I feel that absolutely everything is sacred and that everything is God. You do not have to agree with that in order for me to help you.  Donations and payments are not tax deductible. Money is called currency as it is a current and a current moves. Nothing in the material world is still, although there is a stillness inside of everything that I simply call "OM" which is symbolized here: ॐ

10 - Will something bad happen to me if I don't use your services?  Do I need you to remove negativity to avoid something bad?

Trying to convince you there is a curse against you is a common fake psychic scam. If you ever talk to a psychic adviser who tells you something like this, run the other way. My services are a part of my religion.  If you have a real emergency, dial 9-1-1.  I use intuition, advice and a series of metaphysical practices in an attempt to alter the future, for the better. My approach is not the only approach that will work and I might not be the best psychic for you.  Let your own critical thinking abilities and inner voice guide you.

11 - What is the most common question people ask you?

I would say that more than 90 percent of the questions I am asked concern love. Love is what gives meaning to our lives. Love is what matters. There are people whom you might meet, out there in the world, who you think might have everything.  But it has been my experience that what matters most, to nearly everyone, is not status or money.  It is love. Losing it is what people regret the most. Finding it is a peak life experience, whether it is falling in love of the birth of a child.   Love is where it's at.​

12 - What do your services cost?

I do offer a free psychic evaluation for people who are needing help with relationship problems. So entry level? Free. Then, for a first time caller the cost of a phone reading is $75. After that, it gets expensive. Phone psychic readings readings are in 20 minute increments, billed at $400 per 20 minutes or $1,200 an hour. I price these high in order to avoid a waiting list that goes on for weeks. If anyone has a problem with that, there are plenty of affordable and good psychics out there who charge significantly less. As for Metaphysical Services, such as Energy Work, that starts generally around $400 and can go up to levels significantly higher, depending on how much work is required on my part.  Effective psychic help is a luxury and is priced accordingly. Some people take issue with that and that's okay. But I feel that my client testimonials, both on this site and on independent psychic review sites, speak for themselves.

13 - How many Psychic Readings have you performed?

I haven't really counted.  But I have, without a doubt, given thousands of Psychic Readings to people all over the globe.  The Internet has made that possible.  That, and being able to maintain a reputation for accuracy which has kept my clients coming back.  I have helped people with nearly every type of emotional and spiritual challenge there is, requesting my spiritual insight.  Matters of the heart are where I seem to be most tuned in, however I have advised numerous people about business and finance, family, depression and other major life issues.  I am not judgmental  I have heard and seen nearly everything by now.  There is nothing you can tell me which will shock me.  And I will never make you feel ashamed of anything.  My role is to help you to become the best version of yourself you can be - and to enable you to have fulfilling, loving relationships which give your life depth and meaning.

14 - Do you ever send more than one client the same email?

If someone has filled out the Free Psychic Reading questionnaire, we send a form letter that says we received your request and to expect an answer in a few days. I also tend to use the same short email to provide instructions on how to book a psychic reading. When providing a psychic evaluation of any kind, I do have a few sort of boiler plates, you might call them. In other words, if there is something I have said hundreds or maybe thousands of times over the years, and I have that sentence of cluster of sentences already written and ready to go, I will copy and paste it in, rather than reinvent the wheel every time. But that's just because I feel I've already found the perfect way to say something. However, each evaluation I send out, or email reading of any sort, these are personal and intended only for the person I send them too. There simply is no "one-size-fits-all" approach, when evaluating a situation and providing solutions or alternatives to a given problem. So the short answer is I'm a real person and so are you and our correspondence is not some "bot" of some kind. It is genuine and intended for the highest and greatest good, for all concerned.  

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"I found Chris in a book about psychics. I spoke to him on the phone then ended up working with him on my marriage for a few weeks. I have to say that Psychic Christopher Golden is all of the good things they say about him. My marriage is the cornerstone of my family, which is the most important thing in my life. Chris helped me repair what was broken and live a happier life today."

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"I was beginning to think I had completely disconnected from the world of dating and intimacy. Too much disappointment had made me cynical. And then I fell in love with someone online. And then, predictably, there were problems. I wanted to give up but my heart wouldn't let me. I was truly in love and it was special and it was all starting to slip away from me. I spoke to Chris for a long time and I felt like I was finally talking to someone who gets it. He agreed to help me, for a fee of course, but it was worth it. Over the course of a couple of weeks he told me what to do and say to put my new relationship back on track and to break the old cycle I'd been in for years. I am happy now. I am not embarrassed that I used a psychic. Christopher Golden deserves this great review. He earned it. I will always be so grateful to him for making me believe in love again."

- Michael G. / USA 

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