Karma Balancing - Power Levels

What is Karma?

They say that what comes around goes around...
This is not exactly true. If it were true, then all of the evil people in the world would be punished.

Instead, we see tyrannical leaders getting away with living as billionaires while certain good people suffer and cannot catch a break.
So, Karma is more complex than that.

Having explained Karma and Karma Balancing to so many people, over the years, I thought it best to make some of this information available to everyone.

This will clarify common misconceptions and give you a better understanding of your own karmic patterns. Patterns that do not serve you well can be changed. In fact, they must be changed if you are going to live your life to its full potential. 

Here's how it works...

We all have a certain amount of negative karma. Some more than others. The best solution is to create karmic balance and the best way to do that is to find where you do not have enough spiritual protection and fix that - immediately.

The whole process is simply called Karma Balancing and you really do need this. We all do, sooner or later.

Can Karma Balancing Work for You?

Here is what you need to know in order to decide:
  • Negative Karma is NOT the result of bad deeds. Your bad karma often manifests as simply bad luck, except that this “bad luck” is not so random. There is a pattern to it. And this pattern can be broken.
  • Negative Karma can form negative patterns that prevent you from getting what you want or need. And, negative Karma can be corrected. A type of Energy Work called Karma Balancing can be very effective in changing bad patterns and putting you onto a better path - a path where you finally get what you want instead of feeling as though the world is working against you.
  • By balancing Karma, removing obstacles to happiness, wealth, health and abundance, new patterns are created in their place - better patterns. In areas of life where it seems like you just can't catch a break, or things almost go your way but then never really do, by removing bad karmic obstacles all of that can change.

Choose from 4 Levels of Power:


Ideally we should have an equal amount of positive and negative karma. Most of us from time to time have some area of our lives where the karma is unequal, or out of balance. Sometimes this corrects itself, and sometimes metaphysical intervention is the fastest way to correct the imbalance. 

If you have found that, you keep almost getting something you want, or almost get someone you want, or just keep almost getting ahead, or even caught up, it is likely that you need Karma Balancing. This type of Energy Work is designed to correct the imbalance and remove negative karmic obstacles that are getting in your way. If you want to change the course you are own, to change your future with better karma and better results, BASIC KARMA BALANCING is the way to go. Use the Buy Now button below to get started:


This is for more severe cases, especially when the negative cycle your life is on needs to be changed quickly and the karmic obstacles are more extreme. This type of Energy Work combines several metaphysical techniques to not only remove negative karmic obstacles, but also to actually create several positive karma patterns, to bring about radical life changing results that will be felt and enjoyed for a very long time.

If you feel as though you have tried everything and nothing is working, you continue to feel lost, stuck, in a rut, or worse - then ENHANCED KARMA BALANCING will address every one of those problems. This will also set into motion positive and prosperous life patterns that have never existed for you before. Use the Buy Now button below to get started right away:


This approach is most commonly used by those who are taking on what seems like impossible barriers, such as needing to stop a divorce once the proceedings have already begun, or bringing back your ex when they are about to move in with someone else or even marry them. People have successfully used this type of Energy Work to get a huge promotion or a dream job. It is expensive and it is very intense. 

Over the years the KARMA BLAST has proven to be the perfect solution for clients facing with seemingly impossible situations. This is where the word "blast" comes from, because it literally blasts away all karmic obstacles standing in your way.  If you feel you are ready to take extreme action against extreme circumstances, use the Buy Now button below start the process of blasting these obstacles away to live the life you want - not the life that someone else, or circumstances have placed upon you:


(takes up to 6 months)

Often times extraordinary results require extraordinary measures. What makes money flow toward you, instead of away from you? Is it hard work? Is it determination? Is is ability? Sure, these things matter. But what determines which direction money will flow in your life, more  than any of these factors? Karma - specifically your karma. So, why not make karma work for you?

If you are tired of playing by the rules, perhaps because it feels like the rules are designed to make you fail, then why not use the rules that others do not even know about? Why not use the rules of karma? The COMPLETE MONEY KARMA CHANGE causes a huge shift in how you relate to money and karma, or in simpler terms, your money karma. If you are serious about investing in your self and causing considerably more money to flow to you than flow away from you, use the Buy Now button below and get ready for a completely different life, one where money creates freedom and opens doors that were previously closed to you:

Boy, that Money Karma energy work sure did turn things around for me. I still can't believe it. I'm almost 70 years old and wish I had found out about you and your money karma thing much earlier in life. I could've used it. But I'm using it now and one thing I don't worry about like I used to is money. Wow. - Barb
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