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I just wanted to let you know that he left me a note on my car this morning and when I got to work there were flowers from him to me! He says he wants to work things out and knows what he wants now. I don't know how you did it but I am so thankful I found you and listened to what you said.  - CLICK HERE FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS

What is Energy Work?

How does it work?

What does it do?

Is it better than a Love Spell?

How do you do it?

How reliable is it?

Can it be harmful?

Does it go against my religion?

Hi Christopher. Hope all is well with you. I couldn't be happier. She and I are officially back together! I can't thank you enough. You were spot on with everything. I am so grateful that I found and consulted with you. Whenever I was doubting everything and thought that things were hopeless, you always had the answers and the right advice for me. Once again, thank you so much Christopher. You are genuine and a true superstar in my book. Forever Grateful - Mick  CLICK FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS

These are the questions I am often asked about "Distance Healing" or Energy Work...

First, Energy Work is not a
love spell. Whereas spells are based on mostly ancient rituals and often a big dose of superstition, Energy Work seeks to solve the same problems, but from a different angle - and with much better results.

So, why is this? I don't want to bash spells, because some of them do work, some of the time. That said, Energy Work is more powerful, more sophisticated, requires a much higher level of skill, knowledge and ability - and it is far more reliable. This is due to the power of Kundalini Energy.

Energy work does not call upon dark energies, unlike many spells. Therefore, it is not in conflict with any religion. Also, Energy Work does not violate another person's free will. It is also custom tailored, depending on what you need done. So if you someone comes to me and asks if I can help get your ex back, for example, Energy Work is one way of doing that. Much of the time however, I find that just good psychic advice is enough.

But there are cases which are more difficult and Energy Work, especially when it's custom tailored, just for you, is very effective. It's used to stop divorces, reverse a breakup, draw someone closer to you, remove the influence of a person who is trying to interfere with your relationship - and so much more.

So here is an example, based on a common situation where I have used Energy Work to help someone get their ex back. Usually there is a set price, to cover my time and energy and commitment to see this all the way through, until you get your ex back. How do I do that?

Well, by talking to you about your ex, even if we are only communicating by email, I pick up psychic hits. And from those psychic hits, I am able to locate the consciousness of that person's ex or love interest. Just like most people have a phone number, or an email address, the world of metaphysics works much in the same way. Except we are looking for the consciousness of that person. Usually this is very easy for me to find, confirm that I have the right person and even tell you what they are thinking and what has gone wrong to end the relationship. Often a Free Psychic Evaluation is all you need. 

The most common problem of all, that I have solved over and over, is when your ex has closed their heart off to you, but there is still love in their heart. Maybe they are angry, maybe they are scared, maybe someone else seduced them. It could be any number of things. But with Energy Work, my job is to open the "Heart Chakra" in this case, of your ex or partner. The result is that in time they are drawn back to you. I have had a lot of success with this approach. Read my testimonials

So, what does it mean to open up a person's "Heart Chakra"? Again, using the example of using Energy Work to help a person get their ex back, because this is the most common situation I am faced with and am able to solve. Think of the Heart Chakra as a closed flower and our goal is to make that flower open. Or, you can think of a tightly closed fist, and we are wanting to turn this into an open hand, reaching for you.

For all people, as our Heart Charka opens, we are able to be more honest with ourselves about how we feel. The fear of getting hurt romantically, or the fear of what your family will say, or having to make big changes in your life, in order to love somebody - these fears are obstacles that can be removed, by opening up the Heart Chakra.

Now this only works if the Spirit Guides show me that this can be done. There has to still be some love there, in the case of helping you get your ex back. Also, I cannot and will not interfere with another person's free will. What I am looking at, as a Psychic, is "What does their Soul want?" In fact, you can use the words "Soul" and "Consciousness" interchangeably, because they are essentially the same thing. If the Spirit Guides show me that the Soul of your ex wants help, but is being held back by wrong thinking, or negative influences, I can use Energy Work to open up their Heart Chakra - and return them to you.

Now, what that looks like on my end, or anyone who has a mastery over the art of Metaphysical Healing, is this. Every day, I go into a deep meditation. I locate the Soul of your ex and ask that person's Spirit Guides to help me heal this person, by opening up their Heart Chakra. Then I send an energy, one that can travel anywhere, called "Kundalini Energy". This is why I don't need to be in the same room with your ex, or have ever even met your ex, or most of the time, I don't even require a picture of your ex. Once I have their Metaphysical address, so to speak, once I have located their consciousness, their soul, I send them powerful healing Kundalini Energy. I often do this by connecting with your energy first, to reach them. This is perfectly safe and I find it to be the fastest and most reliable way to get this done.

As you start to notice positive changes, for instance your ex has gotten a hold of you, or they are speaking to you in a way that is more kind, or they say they want to get together and talk - this is where I instruct you and what to do, what to say, what not to say and how to reconcile and get back together with the one you love. For some, the process may last only a few days. For others, this can take weeks. It all depends on your specific situation. Using this type of Energy Work to stop a divorce, for instance, tends to take longer and require more of me, in terms of the work I must put into it daily.

In trying to provide the shortest and easiest to understand explanation, I have already written a bunch here. The fact is, I can probably write an entire book on this and one day I might. But for now, I hope I am helping you to understand the benefits of having something custom tailored, powerful and something I have used to help countless couples to overcome huge obstacles and turn that into a long term, loving, stable, reliable relationship.

My track record with this approach is very good. The reason for this is simple. I never recommend something unless I am convinced, by strong psychic hits, confirmed by Spirit Guides, that this is actually going to work.

And this is why it pains me to see so many people out there, visiting Love Spell websites, where you find what sounds like the perfect Love Spell, and then click on the "Add to Cart" button. The chances of one of these working is usually pretty low. I don't recommend it.

So if you are someone whom I have spoken to, either on the phone or perhaps I have written you a letter by email - if my recommendation was any sort of Energy Work, here you have a brief explanation of what that involves. There are lot more moving parts to it than this, but here you have concise explanation. 

Finally, is Energy Work harmful? No. Love Spells can be a real gamble. Often times dark energies are used. You do not want that following you around for the rest of your life. Energy Work is about cleansing, healing. It is about promoting and empowering love. In fact, it removes the dark energies, rather than using dark energies, such as Black Magick, to force a person to do something, or to feel something, against their free will. Spells can potentially bring bad Karma upon you and I strongly urge everyone to avoid such remedies. Instead, Energy Work is clean, it's motives are always for the good of all concerned and it is never harmful.

In all my years of studying Energy Work and practicing Energy Work to save love relationships, I have never seen it bring about a negative result. If you feel Energy Work might be right for your particular situation, ask me and I will tell you. But I must warn you about something. I do not sugar coat things. If I see that your relationship is beyond repair, I will tell you. I will tell you nicely, but I am not in the business of filling people's heads up with false hope.

If I can repair your relationship - and if you are willing to take direction and allow my to guide you through that process, I will gladly take you on as a client and see this to the very end, when your relationship is made whole. This is my calling in life. And nothing makes me happier than seeing another name added to the many people whose relationships I have saved over the years.

Advantages to Opening the Heart Chakra

  • To save a Relationship
  • To get someone to acknowledge what you mean to them
  • To draw someone to you
  • To get someone to show love
  • To have love expressed to you and shown to you
  • To have someone become as emotionally invested in the relationship as you are
  • To stop a Divorce
  • To reverse a breakup
  • To get a commitment
  • To secure your relationship

When I have identified what needs to be done, in order to save or secure a relationship, I make my recommendation. I only recommend what I know works, based on decades of experience, helping thousands of clients, all over the world.

When you choose to trust me and to trust your intuition, in following that recommendation, I work hard for you - and I put my heart and soul into that work - performing the type of healing that your situation requires. I am always just a phone call away.

The healing of your relationship, or reversing a breakup, stopping a divorce, helping you to get a commitment - whatever it is - if I have made a recommendation it is because your Spirit Guides have shown me how to help you. And that is what I will do, every single day, until the job is done.

Once your relationship is stable and strong and healthy, I do a follow up session with you, on the phone, to give you the insight, the guidance and the tools you will need, to keep that relationship on track. I look forward to making your situation into another one of my many success stories, in turning a love crisis into a love victory!

Observe Traditional Vedic Kundalini Transmission

Harness the Power of Kundalini Sexual Energy

From the moment of the Big Bang, a creative explosion occurred, sending everything out on its own trajectory.  That source of that energy is creativity itself.  It is the life force.  Here on planet Earth, a huge part of the life force is sex, because... well, that's where babies come from.  Sexual energy is healing energy.  And the ancient term for this invisible but highly potent, incredibly powerful, creative healing energy is "Kundalini'.  It's a Metaphysical term.  

Part of what is interesting about Kundalini, is that it can be accessed remotely.  In other words, when I perform Energy Work,  for instance to make someone think of you, or to heal broken intimacy between two people, I find that Kundalini in particular is by far the most effective power in bringing about the outcomes that my clients desire.

However, elevating the Kundalini within your own body or psyche, can give you unique power over people and situations.  This can be achieved through Yoga and Meditation.  But you can also have your Kundalini elevated through certain types of Energy Work, which I can provide.

​Our society has often taught us that sex is immoral, dirty and wrong.  We have created obscene words to describe the act of making love, and people use these obscene words in order to tell each other off some times.  We are a society that is ashamed of our sexuality and of our sexual power. But you do not have to be a part of that herd mentality.  Your innate sexual power, when unleashed, can become an incredible force in your life, one which can allow you to heal emotionally, help others to heal, and can attract the right kind of relationship into your life.

I believe in Energy Work. After years of using Energy Work to successfully mend broken relationships, stop divorces, bring people together, boost self confidence, help others to overcome addiction and many more benefits, I find that Energy Work is often better than psychic advice alone, when it comes to changing the future. 

And Energy Work can be used to bring about the outcome of a Sex Spell.  It can literally draw someone to you, or bond a relationship together more strongly.  Remote Kundalini Psychic Healing is the most powerful method I know of, to telepathically change the future from a distance.  So if there is someone in your life, someone where the chemistry is already there, but perhaps they need a bit of a nudge, Kundalini Energy is better than any Sex Spell out there.

​One of things many of my clients like about Kundalini Energy, is the ability to get inside of another person's dreams.  Kundalini is like an electrical pulse.  It can cause someone to think of you and not be able to get you out of their mind. Kundalini Energy is truly the best Aphrodisiac there is.

I found a book that depicted the Kundalini Energy as two fiery snakes, each climbing up the spine, circling and hitting all of the Chakras. Chakras are energy points on the body, that connect to the psyche and the soul.

This image helped me with my Kundalini meditation and soon I found that the energy had reached my mind and then, my Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra exists between the eyes, but a little higher. It is believed that Psychics have an opened Third Eye Chakra and I have found this to be so.  

My psychic visions were becoming clearer and more frequent. My psychic accuracy, with my clients was reaching new heights. But that experience had reached a new dimension, when I was speaking to someone who was having a panic attack. I felt not compelled really, but lead. I felt lead to bring the Kundalini Energy in my own body and in my consciousness to the surface. And I placed the tip of my finger gently on his forehead. And he fell gently, onto a couch, where he lay quietly, about 20 minutes, in a state of total bliss.

As you can imagine, I was a little freaked out. I wondered if it was just some kind of placebo. I wasn’t sure what kind of energies I was messing with, whether it was okay to continue. But word got out that I could stop anxiety in a person by placing my finger on their forehead and soon many of those whom I was helping were asking for this. I later learned this was actually an ancient ritual, in India, called Shaktipat. It was natural and did not use dark energies. Without any formal training and a limited knowledge of the Vedic scriptures, I was performing Shaktipat.  

It wasn’t until someone called me, from another country, asking if there was anything I could do to get her husband to listen to her and stop being so influenced and seduced by another woman at his job – it was this request, that caused me to investigate the possibility of using the Kundalini Energy, to not only reach someone at a distance, someone whom I had never met (her husband), but to send this energy in such a way as to elevate that person’s consciousness - so that the heart chakra would open, causing him to get out of a reactive state and instead, to listen to his heart. That was the first time. It took several weeks of trying this every day, but it worked. And this is what I now refer to as Energy Work.

I learned that Kundalini Energy, once harnessed by a Psychic Clairvoyant, was not held back by distance. All I had to do was to tune into the other person’s consciousness, which I could pick up by communicating with this man’s wife. It only took speaking with her once and I knew how to reach her husband’s consciousness, just like memorizing a phone number. 

And since his Spirit Guides told me that his soul wanted to heal, I had permission to try to heal him. It worked and he never knew I existed or what it was that caused him to get out of his head, get out of his anger, his confusion and his fear - and to start listening to his heart again. That marriage was no longer falling apart. Rather, it was now growing and evolving, even long after I stopped working on it. This was my first successful experience with this type of Energy Work - the first of many. 

I’ve been doing this sort of Energy Work for a very long time. And I expect I will be doing so for many years to come. Thousands of people have reached out for help. I have found my calling and that is to allow myself to be a vessel for this healing energy, to reach across the world when it must and to open closed hearts, to save love when it is in danger and to boost love, when it is not reaching its potential. This is who I am and that is what I do.

More About Psychic Christopher Golden

Over the years, Chris has been written about in the Wall Street Journal, who called him the "Psychic to the Stars"

An LA news station declared Chris the "Number 1 Psychic in the Los Angeles area". 

A review site named him "Number One Psychic in Beverly Hills". 

As Chris has many clients in the Entertainment Industry, Playboy Magazine called him the "savior of Hollywood marriages."

Psychic Christopher Golden is listed in the prestigious "Top 100 Psychics".

Take a moment and read the reviews. Psychic Christopher Golden has the qualifications you need, if you are serious about repairing your troubled relationship.

And by the way, Love Spells are not the only game in town. There are methods that are more powerful than any love spell. 

You can get started by requesting your FREE Psychic Evaluation when you CLICK HERE. 

"I don't see how you could get any better than permanent results"

From as far back as I can remember I have had an interest in consciousness - who and what we are.  I found, as I got older, that more and more coincidences were happening in my life.  When I met people for the first time, I often knew things about them before they had told me.  By the time I had reached my teenage years, I started talking to other people about this and that is when it was confirmed that I was having psychic premonitions.  However, all of this was sort of random, and I was very much interested in understanding how I could make this happen more.  Was it possible to become more psychically aware?  And that is when I went out looking for answers.

I didn't find any books about psychics at that time to be very useful.  But I did start to look into Eastern Thought.  And I became very interested in the idea of time being circular and not linear.  I studied ancient writings about how the past, present and future were all a part of the same landscape.  The more I looked into this, the more I began to see patterns all around me, clues, a system, or something of a Divine Matrix.  

This lead me to meditation.  As I developed a meditation practice, and learned how to quiet my mind, I found I was more able to access my God given gift of Clairvoyance.  The more I gained a mastery over all of that chatter inside of my head - the chatter we all experience so much of the time - the more I was able to distinguish which voices were just my conditioning and biases and which voice was my intuition.  And I learned to listen to my intuition.  And as I did, my psychic ability grew stronger and stronger. In time my own psychic abilities and experiences became part of my deeply held religious convictions of non-duality, also known as Advaita Vedanta.

Once it was confirmed, to my satisfaction, that this psychic awareness was not just random, or something I had just merely convinced myself of, I started giving psychic readings to others.  And it was around this time that it became sort of undeniable that I was a psychic. Not only was I accurately predicting the future, but I was able to help other people in doing so.  And it became clear that this was to be my calling in life.

Over the years, I have continued to be fascinated with how all this works.  I have never stopped studying or working to perfect my craft.  I have sought out teachers and mentors and learned how to refine what was given to me at birth.  After giving literally thousands of accurate psychic readings, I set out to expand the scope of what I do.

Today I offer Psychic Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Support, Psychic Healing and Energy Work.  My client base has reached around the entire globe.  And as I continue to get more accurate, to sort of come into my own with this strange and unique gift, I am always looking for new challenges, new ways to use this spiritual ability to help other people, people who are in need of clarity or healing in their lives.

If you feel that I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I want to help you.  That is my purpose in life. And part of that purpose is to help you to fulfill your purpose.  If we have met, it is no accident.  If your intuition is telling you to contact me, I hope you will.  I really look forward to helping you along your spiritual journey, to attract more love, more happiness, less suffering and more meaning into your life, and that you can spread that positive healing energy to everyone you come into contact with.

Peak Breakup Times According to Changes in Facebook Relationship Status

To know your future is to change your future.

To change your future is to become the author

of your own destiny.

"I was beginning to think I had completely disconnected from the world of dating and intimacy. Too much disappointment had made me cynical. And then I fell in love with someone online. And then, predictably, there were problems. I wanted to give up but my heart wouldn't let me. I was truly in love and it was special and it was all starting to slip away from me. I spoke to Chris for a long time and I felt like I was finally talking to someone who gets it. He agreed to help me, for a fee of course, but it was worth it. Over the course of a couple of weeks he told me what to do and say to put my new relationship back on track and to break the old cycle I'd been in for years. I am happy now. I am not embarrassed that I used a psychic. Christopher Golden deserves this great review. He earned it. I will always be so grateful to him for making me believe in love again."

- Michael G. / USA 

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